Tim Wilson



Tim calls himself a Creative Action Man in his guise as @timmy666. He’s a man on a agentwilson2mission to have fun, watch films, play drums, drink coffee, help businesses and generally be creative in a myriad of useful ways. So for those reasons and more, we’re extremely glad to have him on board.

Aged about 8, Tim wanted to be James Bond or Han Solo. He is somewhat geeky and passionate about film and writes #AtTheFlix, our weekly preview of all things coming out at the cinema.





Tim most often gets asked:

Question: You must be busy, how do you it? 

Answer: Everyone’s busy, surely!

Question: What’s your favourite film?

Answer: <Default answer> Betty Blue (just to provoke conversation (my personal email address relates to it!)).

Question: Wow, you’re a drummer, aren’t you?

Answer: Yes, you think that I constantly tap rhythms accidently do you?.


What you’ll never hear Tim say?

“I’m bored.”

“I’m so busy”

“Rickie is wrong”

Find Tim on @Timmy666


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