Rickie Josen

Founder & editor

In Vancouver. With coffee.

In Vancouver. With coffee.

JQ dweller Rickie Josen has been writing for seven years, initially spending 6 months in New York to (mostly) attend writing school and get addicted to working out of coffee shops.

Rickie is a cake-loving, adopted Brummie who has lived in her favourite UK city for six years. She spends most of her time working out of the aforementioned coffee shops and but being a big music fan, she’ll have her headphones firmly on!

Rickie travels frequently, including at least one visit a year to her other adopted city Vancouver and has written a book on her great loves; music and travel (out in 2015 – you’re invited to the launch(es). With a background as a business trainer, Rickie has freelanced for ten years working with businesses running workshops in business development, productivity and communication. In recent years she has been supporting small businesses, sharing the knowledge to help them start, grow and promote themselves.

In addition, Rickie is a, freevangelist and is founder of the Birmingham Jelly, the co-working event & co host of the monthly coffee morning (where chat is mostly about cake or film) Likemind.

The question she gets asked most are:

Do you work in PR? (No)

Don’t you get wired being in coffee shops all the time? (No, Rickie believes she is immune to caffeine)

Do all roads really lead to cake? (Yes)

What you’ll never hear Rickie say:

No, I don’t want any cheesecake

Twitter is such a waste of time, get a life!

I have nothing to wear!

If on the rare occasion you can’t spot Rickie in a coffee shop, you can find her readily on Twitter @RickieWrites or via her blog or website.

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