Nick Gilmartin

Nick Gilmartin as chefChef

Nick is originally from Yorkshire and moved to the Midlands in 2010, after years wondering the badlands.  He entered the kitchen trade late in life, after years in front of house roles.  He has worked for De Vere Hotels and Conrad Hilton.  He has travelled a little, and has learned much of foreign cuisine first hand.

Nick’s cooking style is keeping it fresh and simple, using the best ingredients you can find. ‘Go for maximum taste and remember, people have taste buds in their eyes too.’

He works for Birmingham Airport as a Breakfast Chef, which is like Masterchef on speed.  He wakes up around the time most of you are going to bed and has zero social life.  For relaxation he enjoys long walks with his Border Collie.  He is engaged to a girl with the patience of a saint. 

Things you will never hear Nick say…

No more tea for me today, thanks.

Feel free to tell me your problems while I plate up six Eggs Benedict.

Things Nick gets asked all the time…

Can I work an hour over? 

Can you do a Vegetarian with well-done bacon?

Find Nick @Nick1975


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