Michael Younger

“Thinker, Reader, Writer (copywriter), Runner, Dog Lover, Sarcastic & Leicester City FC fan” – is how Michael is summed up in his Twitter biography….but this is only scratching the surface, after all Twitter doesn’t give anyone long enough to produce a biography!

Since graduating De Montfort University in 2009, Michael has progressed on a career as a writer – first working for a well-known clothes store, responding to customer complaint letters – and then to a web design and digital marketing company, before an extended stint at another marketing company, and now in his current role writing for the UK’s leading household appliance spare parts provider.

Michael YoungerFrom dog clothing and wooden floors, to accountancy, cleaning tips and spare parts – you name it and Michael is more than likely to have scribed on the topic during his professional career.

He’s currently painstakingly attempting to write 2 books….so watch this space, hopefully they’ll be available in the future!

Outside of his love for writing (and reading), Michael is also a keen runner set to complete his 5th half marathon (for charity) in October 2015, a huge Leicester City fan (some would say anorak!), and adopted Brummie – living and enjoying adventures with his fiancée and their loveable pooch Tilly!

The questions Michael gets asked:

Why Leicester City? – You don’t pick your football team, your football team picks you.

What Does a Copywriter actually do? – All copywriters will have experienced this question at some point.

Is it Mike or Michael? – Nowadays, either

Find Michael on Twitter via @MYounger14 and see some of his work on his Contently page michaelyounger.contently.com

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