Gemma Corden

Gemma CordenA stint at the local rag in 1998 mostly taught Gemma that press photographers have messy cars. And that Greggs do some bloody good doughnuts. But that aside, the experience got her hooked on journalism.

Whilst studying for a BA in English at Birmingham City University (known back then as the totally un-sexy University of Central England) she freelanced as a features writer, building a portfolio of original pieces for Virgin’s student arm, BBC Birmingham and a couple of local music magazines. She soon became a writer with Channel 4’s IdeasFactory (now 4 Talent), commissioning a series of pieces exploring the regional creative industries with a focus on Art & Design, Style and Music.

Gemma later joined one of the companies she profiled for IdeasFactory – Warwickshire-based arts educationalists, Hybrid Arts – as a Researcher and Writer in 2005, raising the profile of the arts in a new hands-on-at-the-coal-face way. She remained on this side of the fence for ten years, supporting the strategic development of the enterprise.

Her writing continues to focus on the regional arts and cultural scene, supported by a healthy spot of creative non-fiction, and she regular contributes for national performing arts critics The Public Reviews and Birmingham’s Fused magazine.

The question she gets asked most:

Can I see some ID please?

What you’ll never hear Gemma say:

I really quite like Michael Gove

Gemma’s (begrudgingly) on Twitter @gemma_corden #BrumTrails

She has a blog

And a reviews site


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